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We’re looking for dedicated and tenacious people in Fort Collins!


The Scoop Blog Network is a start up, grassroots online media company. We’re all about keeping it local, contributing resourceful information, and connecting our fantastic Fort Collins community. We love to share all that makes this city such a great place to live and we are always looking for great people to work with us along the way!

These are our current available positions within the network:



Professional writers in our network work as a combination of freelance writers and social media marketers. Our writers must be capable of writing consistent content for many months straight, week after week. We need writers who love to write, and I mean “love” like it’s part of their soul.

Creative writing and storytelling skills are needed much more than traditional journalism AP-style skills.

Social media participation and understanding is an essential component to the work load. Our writers must have the basic know-how behind running professional Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds, as well as being open-minded to learning about new platforms that launch over the years. It is imperative that our writers enjoy building connections and relationships through social media. If you hate social media, this is not the position for you!

Each website in our network functions as a micro-business. A freelancing/entrepreneurial mindset is beneficial, as well as a sense of commitment, patience, persistence, and the ability to ask for help when needed as part of their core values.

The goal for each writer in our network is to become to community go-to expert for their particular niche topic.



  • Previous writing experience is a must. It can be freelance writing or consistent personal blogging – but a solid year of proven, consistent writing is preferred. Must be comfortable with writing consistent content every week and meeting deadlines. CONSISTENT cannot be emphasised enough.

  • Must have experience with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Professional experience is preferred over personal use.


  • Each writer in the network needs to commit to publishing twice a week. One short post (about 300-500 words) and one long post (800-1,000 words). Topics are up to the writer as long as it fits the niche of the site. Publishing days are also up to the writer – so it’s whatever works with your schedule. It just needs to be consistent each week (publishing every Monday and Friday, for example).

  • Each writer also needs to post on Facebook, Twitter, and instagram at least 3 days a week. Some writers are on more platforms and forums.

  • It takes time to commit. It’s not easy (but certainly not rocket science). Estimated time commitment is 15 hours a week. Content creation can extend that depending on how much research time you put into your work.

  • Continuing education classes and personal one-on-one training meetings are provided to help everyone become better writers, social media managers, and improve professional growth. Our writers must enjoy learning about an ever-changing social media environment.


Each writer is paid by the ad space on their website. The better the writing, the more engaged the community, the more attractive the website is to advertisers and the community. Each writer has a press kit that includes stats, demographics and ad rates. This is updated every year. If network management sells the ads, writers get 50% of the ad rate. Writers are more than welcome to do their own sales pitches, and actually encouraged to do so. If they land their own ads, it’s a 60/40 rate split, with the higher cut going to the writer. Ad rates range from $100 – $2,600 each per month, with an average of $200-500 per business each month.

We are currently launching a new product for our readers to purchase that writers will be paid from as well. Product launch is estimated to happen in 2017.

Technical Details:

The network owns everything about the websites other than the content (domain, WordPress site, social accounts, etc). The content is the writers and they are free to pitch it to other publications as long as we know (to avoid copyright issues). The writers are independent contractors with control of their own schedules and content. We have built-in tech support, graphic design, marketing, legal/insurance, etc.


Websites currently open for new writers: 




Growing Up Fort Collins launched April 2012 to provide a resource for parents and families in Northern Colorado by covering family-friendly businesses, events, classes, and opinions on family living in Fort Collins.

Content requirements include the ability to research and source information for the weekly Parent’s Planner newsletter, as well as exploring the city with his or her family for post topics.

This is one of the most successful and profitable sites in the network with ads frequently placed. Income averages between $350-$450 per month with higher income potential.



For all positions, email inquires including resumes and writing samples at