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Kristin Mastre has been blogging for many years, starting with her family blog in 2005. Her personal family blog has been highlighted on and various other parenting blogs around the world after writing about the challenges of pregnancy, parenthood and the adventures of raising two boys in the Rocky Mountains. She began writing a health and fitness blog in 2007 that had posts published by Fox News, Reuters, USA Today, iVillage, and a multitude of news stations across the country. After noticing that there was a lack of food bloggers in Fort Collins, she decided to throw her hat into the ring in May of 2009, becoming the top blogger in Fort Collins and the city’s restaurant critic.

After three years of blogging on Feasting Fort Collins, Kristin noticed that there were many people in the community who wanted to pursue professional blogging, but didn’t quite know how to make it happen. Wanting to help develop the blogging community in Northern Colorado, she founded The Scoop Blog Network in April 2012, creating a team of nine local bloggers with each one covering their own local niche topic.


About The Scoop Blog Network


The Scoop Blog Network creates hubs of hyper-local bloggers who are eager and dedicated to sharing “the scoop” on what’s going on in their communities. The Scoop Bloggers focus on an individual niche topic, becoming area experts in their particular interest.

The Scoop Blog Network takes care of all of the nitty-gritty behind the scene details of blogging – graphic design, technical moderation, and advertising management, allowing the Scoop Bloggers the freedom to do what they love – writing great posts and sharing the scoop with their communities!